Let Scanford interpret test results for you simply by scanning the test device.

This can be helpful for anyone who finds the indicators hard to read.

Touch-Free Control

Navigate either through button clicks or voice commands, so that you won't have to touch the screen while running the test at home.

Intelligent Assistance

(Above: Scanford demo)

Get clear instructions every step of the way, which you can either read on-screen or listen to off-screen.

Have Scanford's automatic timer count down the wait time for you to ensure optimal accuracy.

The smart assistant knows to adjust the instructions and timer based on the test kit brand of your choice (if it is supported).

Scanford is compatible with a variety of popular FDA-approved COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits.

Our team is working towards onboarding additional brands from manufacturers around the globe.

Scanford is coming to you soon via major mobile app stores.

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